Windscreen Replacement Costs

The cost of a windscreen replacement is of course important. However, not all windscreen repairers are the same and opting for the cheapest windscreen company will in most cases result in quality and safety being compromised. So what is the true cost of a windscreen replacement?

The Windscreen Is A Safety Device

The windscreen in your vehicle is a safety device. In a collision it supports the passenger side airbag and in a roll over it provides over 30% of the vehicles structural strength. Needless to say, it’s critical that a car windscreen is installed to manufactures standards.

the highest price does not mean better Quality

Price is not always the best indicator of a quality windscreen replacement. Larger corporations for example will have to charge you more simply because of larger overheads. In other words, more often than not you will be paying more than you need to.

Local Windscreen Specialists

By purchasing local and using the services of a smaller specialist windscreen company you can often get a better deal. Not all windscreen repairers are the same, however with a little research you can get enough information to make an informed choice.

Smaller local companies have much lower overheads, this means you are usually paying only for the product and labor. What’s more, specialist windscreen repairers have more skill and experience as they tend not to employ inexperienced trainees.

Service 8® is a local windscreen replacement specialist and industry expert. We install windscreens using the latest techniques, the highest grade products at very affordable prices.

How We Install A Windscreen

Crash Testing Windscreens

To improve the bonding of the windscreen to the vehicle Service 8® uses Sika Activator Pro and Sika 206 Primer.

Service 8® uses only the highest quality products from Sika Australia. This is because no other adhesive manufacturer crash tests their windscreen products to the same high standards.

There are cheaper products, however the testing is minimal and often unclear. Since we are talking about a safety device, why take a chance over a few dollars.

Sika Activator & Primer For Improved Windscreen Bonding

Removing Cowl Trim

To save time and money many technicians take shortcuts and skip processes. One of the most common short cuts is not removing the cowl panel.

As a consequence this greatly compromises the quality and safety of the installation.

If a cowl panel is not removed the adhesive cannot be applied correctly. In addition, the windscreen will have to be shuffled and jammed into place.

Consequently by performing this short cut the bonding of the windscreen to the car body cannot be assured. As a result, in a collision an airbag may not deploy as intended.

Cowl panel removal for wndscreen replacement

Windscreen Removal

There are many ways to remove a broken windscreen. However, manual cut out tools in the wrong hands can cause damage behind the windscreen.

Service 8® has windscreen removal tools that use a nylon line to cut out the windscreen. This in turn eliminates scratching and prevents future rust problems.

Most customers don’t consider this as visually the end result will look the same, however it’s what you can’t see that is the problem.

Untreated damaged under the windscreen causes rust which in turn leads to leaks and bonding issues (windscreen falling out). This is costly to repair and offsets any saving 50 fold.

scratchless windscreen removal
Priming a vehicle body with 206 Sika Primer
Damage must be treated with primers
Rust problems due to bad windscreen removal
Rust problems due to poor windscreen removal


In summary, all windscreen repair companies are not the same. There may be a cheaper way of installing your windscreen, however the saving is often small.

By selecting Service 8® as your windscreen repairer you can have peace of mind that you are getting the best quality products at great prices. No compromises.

No other windscreen repair company offers better quality products than us and that’s a promise. In fact Australia’s largest windscreen chain uses the same products as we do, only we do it at a more affordable price, without the overheads.

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  1. Obviously, your car would be no good to you if you couldn’t see out the front. That’s the purpose of your glass windscreen – protection from the elements while enabling you to see the road ahead. If the windscreen of your car has been broken then you need to replace it as soon as possible since Safety comes first.

    Finding a good mechanic to replace windscreen is a tricky part. Most of the mechanic shows that they are professional but,.In actual, they are not. Michael, You have made a good point by mentioning that Price is not always the best indicator of a quality windscreen replacement. I have encountered this situation.

    Most of the mechanics take advantage because most people don’t know the replacement procedure of windscreen. This post is a great asset for those who have never replaced the windscreen.

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