Windscreen Prices

Windscreen prices are subject to vehicle make and model. However, as a guide Auto Glass for standard vehicles are priced from $299 . 

One should note, prices differ for exotic windscreens with advanced electronics attached to the glass. For example, vehicles equipped with Rain Sensors, GPS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Windscreens equipped with electronic sensors require significantly more care, attention and time to install. We can assist with insurance claims in such cases.

Service 8® has the best value by far. By this we mean you receive the highest quality products installed by craftsman with 30 years experience. Further, we provide our services at an affordable price point.

It’s Not Just A Windscreen

Comparing more than price.

Auto Glass Repairers are not all the same and neither are the products or procedures we use.

Service 8® Auto Glass is a licensed and certified repairer. Many States/Territories in Australia aren’t regulated and NSW is one of a few that has Auto Glass Repairer Standards. This is not so for Queensland Auto Glass Repairers.

As a result, many QLD windscreen repairers provide mobile services to NSW border locations without licenses. Furthermore, many employ unqualified staff.

Hiring unlicensed companies may save a few dollars, however it carries risk. One should note, if a company is trading without a license in another State, their insurance and public liability will be void. Should a problem occur they will not be protected and neither will your vehicle.

The Service 8® Standard goes beyond what’s required by Fair Trades – not because we have too, but because it’s our signature. Service 8® technicians pay immense attention to detail accepting zero mistakes. The products we use exceed industry standards, prevent vehicle corrosion and more importantly preserve the structural integrity of your vehicle.

A trusted local company with a strong work ethic, why not Contact us today and see what we can do for you.