Windscreen Prices

Best Value Windscreen Prices

Windscreen prices depend on the vehicles make and model. However, windscreens for basic vehicles cost on average between $279 – $449. Please note, this is a simple guidePrices may increase for exotic auto glass glass replacements for luxury cars. For example, vehicles equipped with electronic devices such as Rain Sensors or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Compare Quality As Well As Price.

Windscreen companies are not all the same and neither are the products or processes they use. Service 8® Auto Glass is a specialist windscreen repairer suited to those looking for excellent value. In other words, customers wanting premium grade products that are installed by highly skilled certified technicians, but at a competitive price.

By using Sika Pro Adhesives that are crash tested to the highest standards along with the latest removal tools and windscreen lifting devices. We guarantee your windscreen will be installed to factory standards or better. What’s more, we offer a lifetime warranty on all installations.

Finally, no other windscreen company in Australia offers better quality installations or products than Service 8®. Even the national brands that charge much more.

Contact us today and see what we can do for you.