Windscreen Prices

Windscreen Prices

A Quick Guide To Windscreen Prices

There are thousands of vehicle makes and models so providing a fixed windscreen price for every glass is impossible. However, as a "guide" our auto glass replacements for "basic models" start from $395 and $129 for windscreen chip repair. Further, we offer a mobile service and Lifetime Warranty. 
competitive windscreen prices

Modern vehicles are often equipped with tech devices, so care must be taken. Service 8 Auto Glass deliver a competitive price point “without compromising your vehicle”. Whilst we don’t cut corners to deliver budget prices, our prices are very competitive. Inferior products combined with inexperienced technicians result in windscreen leaks, wind noise, bodywork corrosion and electrical issues.

Comparing more than windscreen prices.

Auto Glass Repairers are not all the same.

The Auto Glass Industry in many States/Territories is not regulated? In fact, NSW is one of only a few that has “minimum auto glass standards”. This is not so for QLD as QLD does not have any windscreen standards at all. In QLD anyone can install windscreens without qualifications, training or experience. If you have been quoted a price that seems too good to be true, the repairer may not be licensed. Further, the technician may not be certified. It’s illegal in NSW to not display a license number on a “mobile workshop” (vehicle). No license to trade in NSW means the repairer will have no valid insurance or public liability.

When you select Service 8 Auto Glass you’re hiring a Trusted Local Business. Our standards go far beyond what’s required by Government Institutes, not because we have to, but because it’s our signature. We really care about providing quality services and reliable products for our customers.