Windscreen Insurance Claim – Recommended Repairers

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Consider your windscreen options

What’s all this talk about Recommended Windscreen Repairers?

If you have comprehensive cover with your insurance group then your policy may entitle you to make claims for damaged auto glass.

When making a claim your insurance group would much rather you call them first so they can handle the claim for you. From here your insurance group will put you in touch with one of their “Recommended Windscreen Repairers”.

So at this this point you could be asking yourself, what is a recommended windscreen repairer?

By using the term “recommended” your insurance group give you the illusion they are looking out for you. After all, insurance groups are always looking out for its policy holders, right?

This would be a nice thought. However, could it be possible that perhaps your insurance group is looking after its own interests and not yours?

For example, your insurance group has all its policy holders insurance payments for the entire year. That’s allot of cash and profits. For every claim your insurance group has to pay out during the year means less profits for them.

With this in mind could it be that the real reason insurance groups recommend selected repairers is to save themselves money? Now there’s a thought.

Truth is selected windscreen repairers are typically business that are part of a network of auto glass repairers that perform work at low margins and flat rates. These margins are so low that high volumes of work must be performed to make it worth while.

The problem with this structure is that it encourages short cut methods, cheaper products and low cost labour. Its not uncommon that trainees with less that 10 weeks experience are out in the field performing complicated installations.

Its important to point out that recommended repairers are not directly checked for quality by insurance groups. In fact, nothing is checked directly. Not even to see if a particular repairer has public liability insurance, the correct tools, or skills. So on what grounds can these windscreens repairs be recommended?

One reason, price. Any windscreen repairer is allowed to join an insurance network if they agree to the insurance groups price demands. It could be that simple.

Lets be clear here, this is not to suggest that all windscreen repairers that are on the recommended windscreen repairer list are bad. There would be many windscreen repairers out there that have a quality work ethic. The point is the words “Recommended Windscreen Repairer” does not always mean the best quality job.

So what options do you have? There is some good news, you do have the consumer right to select your own windscreen repairer.

So, next time you have broken your windscreen, before you rush off to your insurance groups recommended repairer, consider your right to select your own windscreen repairer. Making this choice could greatly increase your chance of a high quality job and service.

The repairer that you select will be getting paid the correct amount for the work carried out and therefor it’s less likely short cuts will be taken. In addition its likely your windscreen will be performed promptly and not placed in the que with the other discount jobs. Discounted jobs tend not to take priority.

Don’t be confused with tricky wording on warranties from your insurance groups. Many insurance groups inform you that they will not offer a warranty if select your own repairer. However, insurance groups don’t offer a warranty on windscreen repairs, its a play on words. The windscreen repairer offers the warranty, not the insurance group.

General speaking your insurance group would much prefer you to be an obedient policy holder that can be steered to any repairer on their “recommended’ list. However, before you roll over on command, perhaps you should take a moment to consider your options as a policy holder.

Take out your policy and execute your entitlements to the full. There are many options out there that could mean a better deal for you in terms of quality, service, response time and bonus gifts.

Typically policy holders don’t object because they feel they are getting a free windscreen and don’t want to rock the boat. This is understandable. However, they should be aware that it’s not free. Insurance groups are not in the business of giving away free gifts. Any claim that you make is well paid for many times over.

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