Windscreen Chip Repair

Windscreen Chip Repair All You Need To Know

A windscreen chip repair costs much less than a replacement and takes only 30 minutes to fix. What’s more it preserves the original windscreen in your vehicle.

When a chip is repaired it will restore the structural strength of the windscreen and disguise the chip so it’s less visible. Further a windscreen repair will be sufficient for your vehicle to pass a Road Worthy Certificate.

No Fix No Fee

Service 8® Auto Glass has a 99%+ success rate repairing windscreens to Road Worthy Standards. That’s why we offer our risk free policy. We’re so confident you’ll be happy with the result, if you’re not, it’s FREE. No call out fee, no charge. So what have you got to lose, let’s give it a go!

Finally, we repair only to strict Australian Standards. To find out more about the actual Australian Standard, here is a link for both States of QLDNSW.

Questions & Answers

Will the windscreen chip disappear after the repair?

The windscreen damage will not disappear after it’s been repaired. This is because the chip is not being removed, it’s being injected with a specific repair resin. On average a 70% to 80% reduction in visibility is considered a good result. However to ensure optimal results, Service 8® uses high performance windscreen repair resins from Delta Kits (Magnibond).

How much is a windscreen repair?

Windscreen chip repairs start from $99.00, this includes Free Mobile Service (Local Area Only). However, if you require multiple repairs (chips on several vehicles) we can offer you a substantial discount if performed in the same visit. Call us and we will work out a great price.

What can I do to stop the chip from spreading?

There are some precautions you can take to minimise the risk until we get to you.

Keep the vehicle in the shade or under cover to keep it cool. If the windscreen is exposed to harsh direct sunlight it will heat up, soften and greatly increase the chance of the chip spreading.

Don’t pour cold water on a hot windscreen. In addition, avoid directing air conditioning vents onto the windscreen. Finally, avoid off road or aggressive driving that may shock the vehicle until the damage has been repaired.

Do You Require A Replacement? Checklist

According to the Australian Roads Traffic Authority (RTA) NSW. You will require a windscreen replacement if it’s severely chipped, cracked, abraded, badly scratched or discolored.

The area of the windscreen in front of the driver extending across to the center of the vehicle (In other words, the drivers half of the windscreen) is only allowed to have two of the following defects.

  • A crack up to 30mm long (Size of a 50c coin).
  • A crack from the very edge of the windscreen no more than 75mm long. (Width of a large smartphone).
  • A Bulls eye windscreen chip no more than 16mm in diameter (Size of a 5c coin).
  • If the chip is anywhere else on the windscreen, the whole damage must be smaller than a 20c coin.