Advance Drive Assist Windscreen

Why Service 8®

Auto Glass is not something you purchase everyday, so you may not have heard of us. Service 8® Auto Glass is a locally owned micro brand, however this means many benefits for you.

Service 8® doesn’t offer different tiers of quality, we used our 30 years experience to select the most reliable products. Furthermore, our certified technicians intensively test these products for quality and longevity. This insures the structural integrity of your vehicle is preserved, not compromised. Finally, we provide these products and services at a sensible price point.

  • You Talk To Local Experts Directly, Not An Overseas Sales Team
  • Safest Adhesive Systems From Sika Switzerland (Crash Tested To The Highest Standard)
  • Industry Leading 30 Minute Safe Drive Away Time
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty* (Reliable)
  • Careful Scratch Free Windscreen Removal & Body Priming (Eliminating Future Corrosion Problems)
  • Master Technicians With 30 Years Experience (Licensed & Certified)
  • More Independent Google Reviews Than Any Other Tweed Heads & Townsville

Want To Know Even More?

Your vehicles windscreen is as a safety device. During a collision it supports airbag systems and creates life saving crumple zones. Further, the modern day windscreen is equipped with electronic ADAS systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) such as, rain sensors, lane detection, adaptive cruise control and more. We replace your windscreen to factory standards preserving the structural integrity of the vehicle.

We have a genuine passion and each installation is a personal signature of our quality and integrity. No matter what you drive, prestige, vintage or family sedan. Master technicians take great pride, delivering consistent results.

Furthermore, we have a code of ethics, we don’t compromise quality to save a few dollars. We exist today not from million dollar marketing campaigns, but from simple word of mouth. Customers share their experiences and we continue delivering leading services. Just like it used to be.

Why not give us a call and see what we can do for you. Contact us.

* Lifetime Warranty is conditional to the vehicle being free from corrosion behind the windscreen and not being involved in hail damage or extensive collision repair. The warranty is valid for a lifetime, or as long as you own the vehicle, which ever comes first.