Why Service 8 Auto Glass? Mobile Windscreen Replacement

Auto Glass is not a product one purchases often, so you may not have heard of us. We’re a locally founded and owned independent windscreen specialist and fortunately, this means many benefits for you.

Though perfection is intrinsically unattainable, you’ve found a company that’s constantly striving to archive it, this is our motivation. “Australian Industry Standards” are designed to ensure a customer obtains products and services that meets a “minimum standard”. For some this may be satisfactory, however, whilst we believe a “minimum standard” is not bad, it’s should not be confused with “high standards”. We don’t just meet basic standards, we far, far, exceed them by creating our own standards and this is how we measure ourselves..

More often than not these details go unnoticed as they are not always visible to an untrained eye. However, it’s our processes and attention to detail that make the difference between a factory quality installation or an average one.

During a collision the front windscreen provides over 30% of your vehicles structural strength and it’s our high standards that insure your vehicle is not compromised. 

Service 8 Auto Glass does not offer different tiers of quality, we select only reliable products. Furthermore, the products we do select have been intensively tested by experienced Master Technicians for quality and longevity. This insures the structural integrity of your vehicle is preserved. Finally, you may be surprised that we provide these products and services at a competitive price point back with our Lifetime Warranty.