Supporting your local windscreen Repairer

Profit Driven Windscreen Repairers

Last time I checked the windscreen industry was not charitable institute, all repairers are operating for profit. However, there are many who are in business to maximise profits, as apposed to making a “fair/reasonable profit”. A strategy to maximise profits often means the use of dynamic pricing rather that a “fixed price” method. Dynamic pricing means selling a product/service using a price that raises and falls based on current demand, or how much can be extracted at any given time. It’s fair to say these kinds of companies are in the business of “making money”. Installing auto glass is simply something they do to achieve their goal.

Tactics of aggressive companies

Data mining is a very popular strategy by businesses today. Online website cookies (tracking software), website popups, loyalty cards, phone tracking apps, flybuys, etc, are so common you probably don’t even notice anymore. In fact, it’s likely you already have some of these so called rewards cards that are sold with the promise of “free stuff”. There may be a few token gifts here and there, however, the truth is these cards enable companies to extract valuable information about your spending habits. What you purchase, when you purchase, location tracking and what amounts you spend. This is the fundamental reason for reward programs and prices can be tweaked according to trends.

Data mining is present with windscreen purchases too, although to a lesser degree. Some companies bombarded you with many personal questions before you even make a purchase? What’s your rego? What’s your name/age? Do you have insurance, etc. These questions are not innocent nor are they random. They they are designed to extract information and to build a relationship. For example, a motorist living in an affluent post code is likely to be quoted more that a motorist from a working class suburb. Same goes for city vs country.

Taking advantage of unsuspecting customers whenever possible is the hidden mission statement of many modern day corporations. The situation is such that its not uncommon for psychologists to work closely with marketing departments to analyse customer behavior. Not for improving service might I add, but for maximising returns.

Profit sent overseas does not help your community

Whilst it’s a fact that national and global windscreen companies employ some local workers, their profits for the most part are siphoned off to individuals/share holders in capital cities, or other countries. As a result, we often feel we are purchasing local, however, more often we are sending our dollars to other economies. It comes as no surprise that companies are able to grow very large, often too large to fail. When this happens “we the public” have to bail companies out.

Does a large company really care about customer service

Do larger companies really care? The recorded message tells us they do when we wait on hold. “Your call is very important to us, please hold whilst we divert you to an overseas call center”. What about the self serve checkout, custom designed for your convenience, right? Long gone is the guy at the servo who used to squeegee your windscreen when you filled up your tank. And if that was not enough, the frisking you get on departure from stores, making the 99.9% of us feel like criminals because of a few bad apples. It not so difficult to recognise the service standards in Australia have been getting lowered while the prices have been raising.

Why select a small local windscreen business?

You could be thinking that this Blog is written by a local windscreen repairer, envious of larger competitors squeezing out the local guys. Perhaps there is some truth in this, but it’s not the fundamental reason for the Blog. Service 8® Auto Glass is a local business, however, we are also local owners who live local. The difference is we put back into the local community. This means purchasing from other local business like ours, supporting community services, etc.

By purchasing from local small business you strengthen the local economy and therefore secure more independent options for you and your family. When the small business is squeezed out, prices go up and service quality suffers. In other words, more self service checkouts and little personal services. And for what? More profits for a few individuals at that top of the pyramid?

6 way to support your local windscreen business.
If you selected a local business, saved money and got great service why not share. It insures you’ll have more choice in the future & it costs nothing.

Purchasing local is great, but whats in it for me?

Service 8 Auto Glass is also a business operating for profit and with that in mind we don’t expect customers to offer charity, or be overly sympathetic simply because we’re local. When you hire us we work directly for you, we are not contractors and we don’t contract out. When you call Service 8 we answer directly, no call center, no sales team, no over pricing via a “dynamic pricing system”. In addition, we use only the best quality auto glass products available. Yes, we are aware everyone says that, but we actually do. We use high quality adhesives from Sika. Sika Pro is crash tested to the highest available standards, more so than any other brand in Australia.

In addition, the extra preparation processes we practice are more thorough than the average windscreen repairer and this makes for a higher quality installation, no leaks and no future corrosion. Simply put, you cannot purchase a better quality windscreen replacement anywhere else and we do mean anywhere.

Fair Price First Time

When you call Service 8 Auto Glass for a quote we offer you the best price first time. No tricky questions and no data extraction. We don’t over quote then play the barter game and we don’t compromise on quality.


In summery, there is nothing you can get from a larger organisation that you can’t get local for a fairer price. By supporting local you will keep local business alive and ensure you will have choice in the future.

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