Sikaflex 295 UV

Sika 295 UV – An Auto Glaziers Review

According to the Sika 295 UV Product Data Sheet it is advertised as an adhesive that has been specially developed for the marine industry, where it is used to bond and seal plastic glazing materials in boats and ships.

In addition, because of its excellent resistance to weather Sika 295 UV can also be used to seal joints in areas of severe exposure to the elements.

With this reputation we decided to trail the product in a unique application were we required gap filler on a fleet of aviation fire trucks. Here is what we found.


For the record, any reviews you read on the Windscreen Blog are unbiased and not advertisements. We don’t do “cash for comments”. Any products we recommend on the Blog are because we feel there are benefits to using them. However, we did get the samples for the trail given to us by Sika Australia.

Sika 295 UV

Windscreen Gap Filler

Although Sikaflex 295 UV is a product specifically designed to be used in marine applications, in particular plastics. What we required was a robust product that would withstand the elements (harsh sunlight) as only a gap filler.

Sika boasts that 295 UV has superior UV protective properties, so we decided is was ideally suited to filling in large gaps that you find on Buses, Coaches and other larger windscreens.

Fire Service Truck Project

We had a challenging job to reglaze the fire service fleet at the Air Services Australia Brisbane workshop. Many of the windows in the trucks were almost falling out as the old adhesive had deteriorated after many years of sitting idle in the hot Australian Sun.

We have completed several fire trucks already, however, we were not completely happy with the product we were using, Sika Drive.

Sika Drive is specifically designed for installing windscreens into road vehicles (bonding glass to the body of the vehicle) and has a very fast cure time. In fact, is starts to skin after only a few minutes.

This becomes a problem when filling and smoothing gaps to a professional finish. If the product begins to cure/skin before you have smoothed the gaps, the end result is compromised and can look very DIY like.

This especially becomes a problem on larger windscreens were multiple cartridges of of sealer must be pumped out and smoothed in a short amount of time.

Windscreen replacement fire truck Brisbane

Product Working Time (Tack Free Time)

The work time (Tac Free Time) of Sika 295 UV is approximately 60 minutes. Compare this to Sika Drive which is 15 minutes and the benefits are clear. This gives you plenty of time to work with the product.

Even if you are not the most skilled of technicians and need a second chance to get that professional finish, then 295 UV will allow you the time to do this.

As a gap filler it worked extremely well. You are able to work the product again and again until you achieve the perfect professional result. This can often be a challenge with fast curing products.

Sika 295uv used as gap filler

Withstanding weather

Sikaflex 295 UV is designed to weather extremely well in harsh sunlight and marine environments. According to the products data sheet it boasts that the shrinkage is only 1% (estimated).

With that said, we are confident it will work very well as a gap filler on a fire truck fleet. It has a shelf life of 12 months, which is a bonus if you only use small volumes.

Considering other adhesives

As technicians we are often set in our ways regarding the adhesive products we use. I am personally guilty of taking the safe option. One product for all applications is often the order of the day.

Adhesives have come a long way in recent times and it can often pay dividends to trail other products especially on specialist applications. In this case Sika 295 UV was no doubt the correct product for this job.

For bonding glass into road vehicles there are more suitable products from Sika. However, as a gap filler, Sika 295 UV get the thumbs up from Service 8®. It really is a fantastic product which will improve the finish and longevity of sealed joints. It is certainly a product we will be using for gap filler applications in the future.

At the time of this writing local auto glass supply outlets did not stock this item on the shelf, it was only ordered on request. However, we got our samples direct from the Brisbane Sika Warehouse who stock just about every product. Best speak to your local Sika rep for availability details.

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  1. Great article,

    However, just to clarify, Sikaflex 295uv is recommended for organic glazing, not mineral glazing, as in the case of automotive windscreens. The correct product for mineral glazing is Sikaflex 296.
    Furthermore, these products must be used with Sika primer 206 G+P of which there is no mention.

    Best Regards
    Ben Prowse
    WAU, marine engineering dept’.

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