Service 8 Auto Glass Warranty

The glass we install is manufactured by third party suppliers and as a result we pass on the 12 month warranty provided by the manufacturer. This covers any manufacturing defects that may occur to the glass over a 12 month period. (de-lamination, discoloring, etc.)

This warranty does not cover wear and tear on the glass and/or stone chips, cracks and accidental damage that may occur during this time.

Limited Lifetime Warranty (Auto Glass)

Service 8 guarantee that every auto glass replacement leaving its workshop is installed to the highest standards, preserving the vehicles structural integrity as the manufacturer intended.

The products and processes we use exceed standard auto glass practices and as a result we offer our customers a Limited Lifetime Warranty, or for as long as you own the vehicle. The warranty is not transferable.

With this Lifetime Warranty, Service 8 undertakes to repair, free of charge, any problem that results from defective workmanship. For example, leaks, etc.

It does not cover accidental damage caused to the windscreen or wear and tear. Further, the lifetime warranty is conditional that the vehicle is free from corrosion behind the windscreen, or there are no existing problems with the vehicle. Your technician will advise if there may be a problem.

Windscreen Moulds and Rubber Seals

Windscreen moulds are the rubber/vinyl trims that one can see around the outside of the windscreen. In most cases Service 8 will replace these moulds free of charge with generic versions of the original. However, some vehicles require specialty sacrificial moulds that are not designed to be reused and should be replaced each time the windscreen is replaced.

Such moulds can be expensive and can significantly add to the cost of the windscreen replacement. Our skilled technicians can on occasion salvage these moulds by use of specialty tooling and advanced techniques. As a result, we may save you the cost of these extra parts. However, it’s important to point out that often these moulds can be damaged during the removal process for reasons beyond our control. Such as the moulds may have become dry/brittle due to sun exposure, may be old, or the moulds may have been salvaged once before, damaged by others and/or glued back in place, etc. On arrival our technician will advise if there may be a problem with windscreen moulds on your vehicle.

Finally, most windscreen rubber seals should be replaced with a replacement windscreen and any moulds/rubber seals reused against the advice of the technician would also void the warranty. However, our technician will give detailed advise on the day in advance if there may be a potential problem.

Stone Chip Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on chip repairs or for as long as you own the vehicle. If your chipped windscreen spreads beyond repair during the repair process or after, Service 8 will deduct the cost of the stone chip off a replacement windscreen purchased through Service 8 or refund you the money for the stone chip should you not want to replace.

Service 8 has over a 99% success repairing windscreen stone chips. However, glass is unpredictable and cracks may spread at any time when put under pressure. Service 8 takes the greatest care repairing your windscreen, however, we accept no liability should the damaged windscreen get worse during the repair process. This will be explained on the day by your technician.

ADAS Windscreen Calibration Warranty

We guarantee our calibration for 12 months after ADAS Calibration or until the next calibration event, whichever occurs first.

Calibration events include windscreen replacements, vehicle modifications that alter weight or height of the vehicle, such as bull bars, larger rims (wheels), mud tyres, wheel alignments, collision repairer, faulty engine control unit or disconnection, or partial removal of the camera from its mount and more. Your vehicles manual should provide you with a full list of Calibration events for your vehicle.

Service 8 Pty Ltd guarantee applies in addition to any consumer rights you have under the Australian Consumer Law.