NSW Auto Glass Licensing

Today is the day when the Auto Glass industry in NSW is regulated. From today all NSW Auto Glass Repairers who perform any business on NSW soil must be licensed and all employees must carry a Trade Certificate.

Some believe this will be the answer to all the short cutting, quick fitting and general poor practices that constantly plague our industry, however, I’m not as optimistic. For me this changes nothing, technicians who look to deliver cheap will always cut corners by skipping procedures and by use of untested/inferior products.

In any event, licensing has arrived in NSW and it’s my guess it will soon be coming to a post code near you no matter what State you’re in. Further, one should note that QLD businesses who jump the NSW border for work will also require these documents. If you ignore this legislation your business will have zero valid insurance, public liability and could face very large fines. Take a chance if you dare.

There is a transition period of several months (March 1 2022) whilst license and certification applications are processed, as the website only went live only this morning with the new glazing category. Businesses can now expect to pay $768 for 1 year, $1097 for 3 years and $2010 for three years. As if we are not paying enough in taxes, GST, public liability, insurance, wages and other general running costs to do business in NSW.

On a positive note, all these extra business expenses will put more pressure on insurance contractors who do their best to keep the industry on it’s knees in the form of flat rate pricing. These companies will now not only have to pay a license fee, but insure their staff carry at Cert II/CertIII qualification. Something I’m sure the insurance networks have not factored into your flat rate pricing.

This means insurance margins are reduced further, if working for the equivalent of a carton of beer was not bad enough for working on exotic vehicles equipped with ADAS job. I know that comment was uncalled for, but it does bother me that businesses are still working for 1995 rates of pay and holding the industry back. Finally, let’s not forget, we are now officially tradesmen, so we should be rewarded with tradesman rates of pay. You should mention that next time you’re negotiating your contract with your insurance network.

Claim A $1500 Rebate For Your Business

Yes, you read it correctly. NSW small businesses can claim a one off $1500 rebate to go towards trades licensing, council rates, etc. Further it’s not difficult to apply, it takes only 10 minutes and one can recover most if not all of your outgoings you have shelled out for business licensing and trades certifications. Don’t worry, you can thank me in the comments later, just be sure to put your application before 30 June 2022.

What’s more, I will not even ask for a membership fee like the Auto Glass Association (AGA) does, we share information for free and so we should. In these testing times like minded small business owners should be sticking together, sharing ideas and not outsourcing industry decisions to the self elected.

Anyway, hopefully the ethical repairers amongst us will have few problems during this transition period. Good luck.