Nissan Dualis +2 Rear Door Window

This post is not going to be a full how to, but rather a heads up for the Nissan Dualis +2 rear door glass.

The Nissan Dualis +2 looks the same as the original at a glance, however, Nissan have made some body size changes. The rear door glass for example is much larger then its smaller sister.

We discovered this as we  arrived on the job armed with a left hand rear door window only to find the part was incorrect. An honest mistake that happens on occasion. The window is the same shape and looks similar, only its taller and wider on the Dualis +2.

Nissan Dualis badge
Nissan Dualis +2

No problem, we will just order the correct one we though. However, at the time of this post there were no generic parts available for the +2. Damn it…

Ok, genuine it is. Unfortunately for us when importing the Dualis +2 Nissan did not think it necessary to import any glass parts with it, just in case a customer may require one. With service like this Nissan are not exactly on the nominations list for the entrepreneurs of the year award.

6 weeks wait out of Japan is not the kind of news you like to break to your customer. On top of this the price was going to double. Perhaps Nissan had this in mind when naming the +2. Not only is vehicles size +2, so is the glass price and waiting time on spare parts.

To be fair to Nissan the part did arrived in 2 weeks and this did make them look very efficient indeed. It also sits nice and snug with the +2 theme as well.

We completed the work and thanks to a very understanding and patient customer all was well.

For your reference we have provided the genuine glass size of the Dualis +2. This may prevent any other techs from making the same mistakes in future.

Window sizes for Nissan Dulais +2
Nissan Dualis +2 rear door window size. 757mmx 530mm

The installation is a breeze everything fits back really well, a nice design from Nissan.

The only quick tip we would give is when inserting the new window you have to remove an internal door channel section. It took us a whole 2 minutes to figure this out, its not difficult at all. Remove one 10 bolt and it slips out.

See below, the channel sits inside the door just about where it is in the image. It easiest to remove and refit it when the rubber is removed for the channel. You can slide the rubber back in afterwards.

Door channel removel on Nissan Dualis +2
Remove lower part of door channel before installing glass

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