Nissan 370z A Pillar Removal in a few easy steps.

To replace a windscreen for a Nissan 370Z you will need to remove the left hand and right hand A pillar mouldings. Not a complicated procedure, however, it’s not uncommon to see many damaged trims as a result of careless windscreen technicians, or DIY guys.

One can easily damage a moulding by aggressively pulling and levering, assuming they are clipped in place. You could be forgiven for thinking this as at a glance the mouldings appear to be made up of two pieces. (False join in outer mould).


Care must be taken to remove 370z A pillar moulds as a heavy handed approach will almost certainly result in these fragile mouldings being damaged. At the time of this writing, a mould for a Nissan 370z is approximately $400/$500 Australian. In addition, they usually come as blanks (no paint), so breaking one is something you would rather avoid.

So, simply follow the instructions provided by Service 8® Auto Glass and removing these moulds is easy. So, grab your tool box, lets get into it.

Important information about the A nissan 370z pillar trim

The moulding from the outside appears to be made of two pieces, however, it’s not. The moulding is a one piece moulding that contains a rubber door glass seal. This seals the electric window glass when closed, so, don’t start yanking on stuff willy nilly as you will cause damage.

You may also want to take time to check if the front windscreen is generic. Look at the badge on the front windscreen, if it does not say “Nissan”, its a generic glass. If it is generic, then this indicates that the windscreen has been replaced before. Xinyi (XYG) is a generic brand of windscreens, as is Fuyao (FYG).

If your vehicle has a generic windscreen installed then the mouldings could already be damaged and may have been stuck back in place with windscreen adhesive. This is a common practice used by many inexperienced auto glass technicians to fix up mouldings they break whilst being careless.

Removing the “B pillar” trim

At the back of the door you will see the “B pillar trim”. You will need to remove this trim, as it has a screw behind it that fixes the A pillar mould in place.

Three clips are used to attach the B pillar trim. The top clip is a locating clip (one that does not clip in tight) These clips are good starting points to pry trims. Once un-clipped you can get your lever tool in further, close to the next clip. The closer to the clip the better, you want to avoid bending the trim.

Start at the top with a plastic tool or trim remover and pry the first clip by gently levering it out. If its difficult to pop, it may be glued in place as we mentioned before. Be extra careful if this is the case.

Nissan 370z b pillar mould glued in place by clumsy technician
Clumsy work is not uncommon

Once the first clip is popped, you will be able to get your tool in further to lever the other two which are fastening clips. The trick is to get the lever tool as close to the clip as possible, this will reduce the chance of breaking the clip, or worse the trim. (see image of removed trim, for profile of clips and screw)

Nissan 370z B Pillar Removal
Removing the B Pillar

Removing the door seal

Remove the door seal in order to reveal the screws that attach the moulding to the body from the underside. Removing this is very straight forward, just start by removing the the bottom plastic trim that covers the door seal at the bottom. (see image below)

It’s removed by levering up and in. It’s held in place by several long locating slots and a couple of standard clips up front in the foot well. Just pop these out by levering straight outward.

Nissan 370z door seal trim cover removed.
Removing the door seal

Once removed you will then be able to remove the inner door seal that goes around the door 360 deg. Important Tip. Make a mark with a pen on the seal and the car body. When you put the seal back you can align the pen marks ensuring the seal is installed back in the same location as before. The door seal has a varying profile that is required to go back the same way. So don’t pull it out and put it back at random. You can thank me for this later…

Removing The A Pillar Mould Screws

Not a big deal, the A pillar moulding is attached by 6/7 screws that reside on the underside. You can now see these screws as a result of removing the door seal.

The A pillar mould screws are fixed into the back of the mould. Simply unscrew all screws and there is also a plastic press clip/stud, lever this out too.

Removing screw from Nissan 370z A Pillar
A pillar screw removal

Finally Removing The A Pillar Mould

Now you have removed all of the screws you can now simply lever the Trim off from the outside. Be careful as the trim is brittle. That said, the clips used to fix it in place are locating clips, so they do not take much force to un-clip.

Starting from the top, put you lever tool under the moulding and gently pry it. Get your prying tool as close to the clips as possible to avoid any damage. Each clip that comes free allows you to lift the trim a little more, which will enable you to see the next clip, then repeat.

Again be aware that if the glass has been changed before the last guy may have glued it back in place. This can make things a little more unpredictable.

A pillar trim removed from Nissan 370z
Nissan 370z A Pillar

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