Mercedes ML 350 Windscreen Sensors

The Mercedes ML Front Windscreen Replacement is an exotic installation that should be carried out by experienced technicians only. We are not going to quote an estimated installation time here as takes as long as it takes, its not a speed competition. However, an experienced technician should be able to complete the task in a few hours.

This post is not designed as a “how to” for novices or DIY’s, it highlights the key parts of the windscreen installation and gives a view of the electronics on the windscreen. It is assumed you have the correct tools and know how to remove a windscreen safely. We do not take any responsibility for anyone who damages their vehicle due to following the actions of this post.


Genuine windscreen only is recommended for this vehicle. At this point in time Service 8® has not tested the generic version and therefore does not recommend it. The vehicle is too exotic. A vehicle in this price range should always have genuine parts installed, as we believe a generic part would devalue the vehicle.

Bare this in mind if your insurance company insists you have one of their contractor repairers install a generic windscreen to save money. This windscreen has many electronic sensors on the glass that are sensitive, this may cause problems if inferior parts are used. You have been warned, use generic parts at your own risk.

mercedes350ml-side-trim-removal-1Due to windscreen heater electronics being placed under the cowl panel it is essential that you first remove the grill and side trims, this will prevent you from damaging, or worst cutting thought the wires during removal. However, the cowl panel removal is straight forward and takes only 5/10 minutes. Fly by night technicians who look to save time need not apply, as all trims must be removed.

mercedes-windscreen-heater-1TIP! We also like to take a quick photo of the windscreen wiper positions. Everyone has a camera phone these days and couple of shots of the vehicle pre removal gives the technician a reference to refer back to if required. Same goes for the sensor wiring and electronics.

The sensors are situated behind the mirror and its very busy in there, lots crammed into a small place. That said, Mercedes has done an excellent job with the design and placement, its pretty straight forward to remove all bits. The cover plate is in two parts and comes off by prying it toward the inside of the vehicle. Use a plastic lever, or like.


Important! Service 8® recommends not disconnecting the wires on sensors, leave the sensors hanging. Disconnecting wires can cause errors in the computers if the vehicles system is booted whilst disconnected. This may then require a factory reset and calibration. Your then going to have to take the vehicle to the dealer.

With this particular sensor array you will have disconnect one wire (the wire that connects to the top left yellow connector, see image 1) to allow you to remove the glass. Just be sure you do not have ignition, better still remove the sensor key from inside the vehicle, just incase.

There is also another wire under the cowl for what we think is a windscreen wiper heater for colder climates, where you wipers get frozen to the windscreen. This will have to be removed to remove the glass.

To remove the interior mirror is the same as a BMW, just hold the stem firmly and give it a quarter turn/twist either way. Same thing to put it back, but it’s a little more tricky as you have to line it up just so.

You will also need to unclip the sensors from the brackets, just do not disconnect the wires. The main sensor (big silver box) just pry from the bottom to unclip from bracket and then slide it toward the bottom of the windscreen.

The rain sensor lens is also a very easy remove just pry/unclip from the sides, push the sensor towards the glass if you have to. (See image 5) of a similar sensor from a Mitsubishi, this was a different installation but same rain sensor.


The genuine windscreen has all the spacers, necessary moulds and attachments to perform the installation with minimal fuss. We have in the past looked at generic glass for these kinds of high end models and they always lack some components or brackets. This means you have to savage some of the old components off the old glass to compensate. This is really not a good idea, unless you want to have possible electrical problems in the future. In addition Mercedes will void the warranty if aftermarket glass is installed

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