Windscreens Gold Coast

Windscreen Replacement Gold Coast

NOTICE. Gold Coast customers please note that due to QLD/NSW border restrictions and constant changing of regulations Service 8® will not be crossing border check points at this time. However we are happy to meet customers for mobile services should you want to come across from the QLD side. Thanks for being patient with us during this time and we hope services will resume early next year.

Windscreen Insurance Claims Welcome

Service 8® gives high priority service for side and rear vehicle glass, we consider this an emergency. Don’t wait for your insurance groups recommended repairer to get back to you in a few days, simply call us to have your vehicle secured.

What Your Insurance Company Will Not Tell You

Despite what you may have been told, you are not obliged to use your insurance groups “recommended repairer”. It’s important to understand that recommended repairers work for the insurance group, not you. They are “recommended” not necessarily for quality or service response. They are recommended because they agree national contracts and often very low fixed rates of pay. As a result, it’s not uncommon for network repairers to give low priority service for insurance jobs. Worse still, cheaper products are often used or critical procedures skipped to save cost.

Choice Of Windscreen Repairer

If you policy includes “Choice Of Repairer” and many do you should consider executing this right. You can find out what agreement you have with your insurance company by reading your policy and the conditions in the “Product Disclosure Statement”, (PDS). If your insurance group does not offer “Choice Of Repairer” it’s advisable to seek one that does when it’s time to renew your policy.

The benefits of selecting your own windscreen repairer is the repairer will be working for you, not in the interests of the insurance group. This means you will get high priority services and high quality products.

When you select Service 8® Auto Glass you get technical excellence. Service 8® is Licensed and our our technicians are Certified. More importantly, our technicians have over 25 experience.

Finally, we use the latest auto glass removal tools, windscreen lifting devices and techniques that insure you windscreen installation is restored to factory standard or better. All backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

Service 8® is an unmatched specialist repairer that sets new industry standards.