Holden Rodeo RA, rear door window replacement

Today’s post will show you how to replace a rear door window for a Holden Rodeo RA in under 15 minutes. Yep, this can be done without sacrificing job quality.

We say this install is for the dual cab Holden Rodeo RA. However, with many manufacturers sharing body shapes these days it will also apply to the Isusu DMax and the Great Wall V240 Ute.

Right, now we will make this post quick to reflect the speed in which the job can be done.

First off, no need remove the door panel we are going to do this install from the outside only. You will however require a glass vacuum extension. We have mentioned this a few times now on the Windscreen Blog and there is a post on how to make one.

Remove the outside weather trim by levering it upwards.

Removing the weather trim from holden rodeo rear door
Remove outside weather trim first

Now, next remove the window channel rubber guide/seal. Just pull it out, it comes out easy as it only reaches halfway down inside the door.


Removing the rubber seal from Holden Rodeo rear door window
Remove rubber window guide/seal

Next regulate the window up to the top. Important! If the window is electric, be careful not to over extend the window fixing brackets. Stop the window fixings just before the top, this helps keep the fixings steady when you are cleaning them out.

Cleaning window fixing on a Holden Rodeo door window
Regulate the fixing to the top, but don’t over regulate

Clean out the window fixing. A long Olfa Knife (long box cutter style knife) and Hook Tool is our weapon of choice. You decide what tools works best for you.

Since we have not removed the door trim we need to get in side the door to vacuum up the broken glass. For this your going to need a vacuum extension tool, we mentioned this earlier. If you have not made one of these yet, you should do. It will save you a heap of time on jobs similar to this one.

Slam the door a few times to get all the glass fragments to fall down to the bottom of the door. Vacuum out and repeat several times until you can no longer hear glass rattling when you slam the door shut.

Cleaning broken glass from Holden Rodeo door
Vacuum all glass fragments from out of the door

Next, regulate the glass fixings to the top of the door so you can see them at the top.

Using a Corking Gun pump some adhesive into the into the channel of the window fixing. We recommend Sikaflex Drive for this. DIYers may have to compromise here, structural silicone may work too, however it is not as strong as the SIKA and may not last. Bunning’s also sell a version of Sikaflex, you may try that.

Once done, regulate the window back down half way, insert the glass into the window channels and slide window down into the adhesive. Now regulate the window into the down position.

Now all you have to do is slide the window guide rubber into place. Plenty of lubrication is required so have a can of silicon spray, or similar at the ready. Lubricate the channel rubber and metal channel, then push the rubber down into the window channel. One side has a step in the metal channel so it can take a little fiddling, but it’s not a problem.

Clip the outside weather trim back on and the jobs done.



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