Toyota Windscreen Rain Sensor Replacement

This a how to. A professional replacement of a windscreen rain sensor on a Toyota Rav4. However, the same sensors exist on most Toyota models, also Mazda, Lexus and others. For more information about windscreen rain sensors and how they operate visit.

The windscreen rain sensor replacement in the YouTube below was performed as part of a professional windscreen replacement by Mike Smedley of Service 8® Auto Glass Tweed Heads, a technician of 30 years.

The how to tutorial is intended for the DIY enthusiast, however, no responsibility is taken by Service 8® should it not work out for you. That said, the rain sensor module is a basic device and could be installed by most. A two out of five skill rating is estimated.

The installation of the rain sensor is a none critical component and should one fail using the tutorial below, the rain sensor would be easy fixed by an experienced auto glass professional.

Service 8® is an Auto Glass repairer providing services to Tweed Heads & Townsville Australia. For professional advice please contact us directly.

Tools you may require

  • Small pick tool or like
  • Sensor Tack rain sensor gel syringe pack (clear)
  • Replacement Gel Pad (If old one is damaged)
  • Lint free towel or cloth
  • Razor Blade

Windscreen Rain Sensor Replacement